Discover Your Own Unique Way

Human Design

Self-Awareness • Empowered Decisions • Resiliency

Align to Your True North

Creating an aligned life begins with understanding your unique Human Design map. 

We all are endowed with an “internal compass” that attunes us toward our own unique way.

Imagine moving forward in the way that is best for YOU. 

Securely navigating with power and confidence through the uncertain times in our lives.

Cosmic energies are shifting into a new cycle where we are all stepping into a revolutionary period of time where being our own authority, learning to make correct decisions to lead ourselves, in both work and play, will be our saving grace.

By embracing a radical approach to transformation, while also utilizing the mechanics of the Human Design System, we have the opportunity to realign to our personal “True North”.

We have the potential to live the life that we were born for.

To truly Live ON Purpose.

Your Unique Roadmap & User Manual

Live Out Your Unique Design

so that you can be Successful by being you & ...

Follow Your Own Unique Direction

Enrich Your Relationships

Know What is Correct for You

Truly Love
Who You Are

Expand Your Awareness

Your guide to being successful & prosperous by being you!

When you're new to Human Design it can be overwhelming to decode the matrix of information on your own.

I can help with that...


The Story of You

Human Design readings with Naraya, an IHDS Certified Human Design Professional.

Would you like to explore the potential in your unique potential with me?


Empowering Guidance

Personalized individual guidance with Naraya, an IHDS Certified Human Design System Guide.

Would you like support with BEing as you live your Human Design Experiment?


Living Your Design

LYD classes available in group and private 1:1 format.

When invited, I offer focus groups and classes to support you on your deconditioning journey.

• • • • Align to Your Design & Live ON Purpose • • • •

Align to Your Design & Live ON Purpose

Are you looking for focused, penetrating depth & empowering support?

Interested to collaborate, book a session or just want some more information? 

I’d love to hear what’s on your mind.

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