A Radical Approach to Transformation

through the mechanics of the Human Design System

the Human Design System

Human Design is the Science of Differentiation, revealing what it is that makes each of us distinct and unique against the backdrop of a completely homogenized world. 

Anyone with access to their birthdate, birth time and location can discover the contrasting, indispensable map of who they truly are and specific ways that they are consistently conditioned away from their true nature.

Human Design offers a simple practical strategy so that anyone can transform at the cellular level, releasing resistance created and amassed over a lifetime, leading to a much richer, fluid, more profound and fulfilling experience of life on all levels.

EmPowered Guidance

When you’re new to Human Design it can be overwhelming to decode the matrix of information on your own.

Personalized 1:1 readings, individual guidance & mentoring with Naraya, an IHDS Certified Human Design System Guide.

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Classes & Groups

Living Your Design classes available in live, group & 1:1 format.  

Focus groups on a variety of topics soon to come.

When invited, I offer focus groups and classes to support you on your deconditioning journey.
Feel free to reach out to me with your invitation.Focus 

Each one of us has unique gifts that are genetically coded into our DNA.

Let’s journey inward, learn to build resiliency & explore what makes you thrive.

Support your body’s cellular renewal & self-healing abilities as you work towards releasing the conditioning of your past.

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Re-Attune & Expand Your Awareness


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Are you looking for the synthesis, depth & focused support of a 1/3 Triple Split, Quad Left, Emotional Projector?

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