A Radical Approach to Transformation

through the mechanics of the Human Design System

Hey There!

I’m Naraya, a 1/3 Triple Split, Quad Left, Emotional Projector who loves to share Human Design with relatable stories and bite size foundational info that penetrates at a cellular level.

A sensitive listener with deep recognition of the truth, I communicate inspirational knowing with unusual vitality, empowering those who invite me to guide them, towards their own unique direction in life.

With focused depth I guide others through the threshold, to understand their past, embody their true nature & radically transform their lives.

We are in a shift of cosmic energies and are all moving into a revolutionary period of time where being our own authority and learning to make correct decisions for ourselves, will be our saving grace.

By embracing a radical approach to transformation, while also utilizing the mechanics of the Human Design System, we have the potential to expand our awareness and witness each day become more aligned… more magical.


Empowering Skilled Guidance

When you’re new to Human Design it can be overwhelming to decode the matrix of information on your own.

Personalized 1:1 readings, individual guidance & mentoring with Naraya, an IHDS Certified Human Design System Guide.

Would you like to explore your Design with me?

Classes & Groups

Living Your Design classes available in live, group, 1:1 & self-study/self-paced format.  

Masterclasses on a variety of topics soon to come.

When invited, I offer facilitated groups and classes to support you on your deconditioning journey. Feel free to reach out with your vision for support.

Each one of us has unique gifts that are genetically coded into our DNA.

Let’s journey inward, learn to build resiliency & explore what makes you thrive.

Support your body’s cellular renewal & self-healing abilities as you work towards releasing the conditioning of your past.

Would you like to join me?

Interested in Learning More?

Are you looking for the synthesis, depth & focused support of a 1/3 Triple Split, Quad Left, Emotional Projector?

Looking to collaborate, book a session, enroll in a class or just want some more information? 

I encourage you to reach out to connect.

Re-Align & Expand Your Awareness