The human design System

A New, Radical Approach to Transformation

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Are You Ready to Go Your OWN Way?

We are each endowed with an “internal compass” that attunes us toward our own unique way.

Imagine moving forward in the way that is best for YOU, where you thrive just by being yourself.

Securely navigating with power and confidence through the uncertain times in your life.

Cosmic energies are shifting into a new cycle where we are all stepping into a revolutionary period where being our own authority, learning to make correct decisions to lead ourselves, in both work and play, will be our saving grace.

By embracing a new, radical approach to transformation we can correctly re-pattern our lives and realign to our true nature.

We have the potential to live the life that we were born for.

To truly Live ON Purpose.

My Guidance Helps you to...

Expand Your Awareness

Enrich Your Relationships

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Empower Your Own Unique Direction to Success

Holistically Support
Your Health

Love Yourself as Yourself

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My Offerings

Human Design Readings

Integrative BodyGraph Analysis, Mentoring & Support

Exploring the Power of You

Individualized attentive energetic support to those looking for help in gaining clarity in a sea of uncertainty. 

In the midst of the unknown, I’m available to support you in awakening to your truth and support you in emerging as yourself.

Explore The Story of You & cultivate a deeper view of your empowered potential in this life as we dive into & decode your unique Human Design map.

I offer Human Design Analysis, Living Your Design classes & personalized Coaching/Guidance that meets you wherever you are at in life because sometimes you need someone to talk to —

who just gets it and sees YOU for YOU.

Human Design Coaching

Human Design Classes

Group & 1:1 Classes Available

Your Personal Hero’s Journey

Experience months of self-discovery & professionally guided support as you awaken your awareness to the beauty of what it is to be you!

LYD classes are a transformative container where you learn how to nurture your awareness, align to your true nature & thrive in a life that’s truly yours. 

Human Design for Business

Career & Business Consultation

Ignite Your Potential & Be the Leader You’re Born to Be

Discover Your Blueprint for Success & Material Fulfillment

Learn how to move through life’s uncertainty & navigate the business world in a way that is authentic to you.

Explore how you are designed for success as we dive into & decode your unique Career Design Map.

You’ll leave with core insights, essential for unlocking the full potential of your distinctive gifts, talents, and attributes, all meant to be shared with the world.

Personalized 1:1 Human Design for Business Consultation with an Analyst & Coach certified and trained from official source material.

I felt seen. Understood. Most importantly, she helped me have confidence in my Strategy & Authority.

It’s a journey, deconditioning, but I’m moving more and more from frustration to Satisfaction! Naraya is an amazing analyst . I cannot recommend her work enough.
Sarah Steele
Soul Journey Hypnosis

Discover Your Own Unique MAGIC

Get your Human Design Map Today!

When You Nurture Awareness ---> Your Own Way Emerges

I help you understand how you’re uniquely wired to function successfully while thriving in life, love and work. 

Specializing in Human Design & Holistic Mentoring, I have over 20 yrs experience facilitating transformation, innovatively exploring awareness from the cutting edge, where science meets spirituality & soul meets strategy.

I live what I teach & am passionate about guiding you towards nurturing your own insights & awareness.

Teaching from experience, I help you to release the pain & fear holding you back from a life of ease. 

Honing in, drilling down to the core of things, unraveling the misinformation so you can build it back up in a solid, innovative way.    •••• Your Own Way •••• 

Naraya FoX

Human Design Analyst & Mentor

BG5 Engineer

Holistic Mentor

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