Naraya Fox

Born to Empower, Support & Share

Hi, I’m Naraya, an Investigative Teacher, Advisor and Guide  

A sensitive listener focused on recognition of the truth; I’m designed to have a laser sharp focus which is able to penetrate beneath your conditioning and see what makes you tick so I can effectively guide you towards your own unique direction in life.

With focused depth I guide others through the threshold, beyond their past, to embody their true nature & radically transform their lives.

We are in a shift of cosmic energies and are all moving into a revolutionary period of time where being our own authority and learning to make correct decisions for ourselves, will be our saving grace.

By embracing a radical approach to transformation, while also utilizing the mechanics of the Human Design System, we have the potential to expand our awareness and witness each day become more aligned, more…


My greatest asset to you as a guide, resides in the truth of me being me.

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I am professionally trained from official Human Design source material & certified by the International Human Design School. I have been researching and experimenting with Human Design Mechanics for nearly 4 years now.

I guide & support others on their journey to embody their Personal Authority and unique energetic mastery as they Re-Align to Self by releasing limiting beliefs & patterns. Allowing ease for them to neutralize & replace previous conditioning with their true narrative, facilitating alignment to their true Self and guiding them to Live ON Purpose.

Sharing from my collection of experience & the Human Design System, I see & transmit practical approaches to transformative inner and outer growth.

Utilizing empowering guidance, I synthesize a unique approach, customized specifically for each client. 

Perched from my Power View vantage point, I’ve spent decades seeing this life as a Holistic Matrix & learning the mechanics of The Human Design System fits hand in glove with this perspective. I have embraced this information and lived it since my focus was first pulled to my own BodyGraph and I learned that I was a Projector with Emotional Authority.

I’ve embedded it into my every breath, embracing the flux, learning to embody my true nature & love my authentic Self. This process has done wonders for me, including tuning my frequency closer to what it is designed to resonate at.

This resonance is felt at a cellular level & is designed to call out to us, like a lighthouse, guiding us to find those that others who are correct for us.

My form broadcasts a specific frequency that is felt by others who I am meant to bump into & calling out to those who may benefit from my specific strengths & gifts.  

I am learning more about this system, myself & those I encounter every day. 

To those of you who are traveling alongside me on this journey – I look forward to witnessing you blossom into your unique genius as you unleash the power you hold within your divine self.

No certification can duplicate my personal flavor of genius. However, as a 1st line profile, with Fear Motivation & four left variables, I deeply investigate all that pulls my focus. I understand the need to build & seek the support of a solid foundation. Therefore, I have shared an aroma of my qualifications below.

Take what resonates, leave the rest

with Laughter,


Licenses, Certifications & Qualifications

The Human Design System

IHDS Certified Human Design Guide

Professional Analyst Student

Years of Research, Investigation, & Continuous self-study

of advanced Human Design System & BG5 mechanics 

Click here to see my Professional profile at the International Human Design School

•••• Other Skills & Interests ••••

2+ decades in the field of Holistic Health • Master Energy Healer  Licensed Massage Therapist • Certified Hypnotist • Certified NLP Practitioner/Trainer • Past Life Regression Hypnotist Neurolymphatic Reflexologist • Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Astrologer Transitional (Death) Doula • Numerologist • HeartMath Practitioner • 200 RYT • Seamstress • Website Design & Copywriter • Artist • Homeschool Enabler/Advisor of 15+ years

• • • • Align to Your Design & Live ON Purpose • • • •

Align to Your Design & Live ON Purpose

Are you looking for focused depth & empowering support?

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