Empowering Guidance & Support to

Nurture Your Awareness

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Empowering Guidance & Support to

Nurture Your Awareness

Empowering Guidance & Support to

Nurture Your Awareness

hi, i'm Naraya...

As a sensitive listener focused on recognition of the truth; I have a laser sharp depth which penetrates through the shadows to see what makes you tick, effectively helping you move towards your own secure & unique way in life.

I guide you through the threshold, beyond your past to reframe awareness, catalyzing transformation as you radically transform your life from a place of fear & resistance to a place of health & ease.

We are currently in a shift of cosmic energies & are moving into a revolutionary period of time where being our own authority & learning to make correct decisions for ourselves, will be our saving grace.

By embracing a radical approach to transformation, a holistic mindset while also utilizing the mechanics of the Human Design System, we have the potential to reattune, re-pattern, & nurture our awareness as we return to wholeness.

Cultivating each day to become more aligned,



When You Nurture Awareness ---> Your Own Way Emerges by Design

I help you understand how you’re uniquely wired to function successfully while thriving in life, love and work.


Specializing in Human Design & Holistic Mentoring, I have over 20 yrs experience facilitating transformation,

innovatively exploring awareness from the cutting edge, where science meets spirituality & soul meets strategy.


I live what I teach & am passionate about guiding you towards nurturing your own insights & awareness.


Teaching from experience, I help you to release the pain & fear holding you back from a life of ease. 

Honing in, drilling down to the core of things, unraveling the misinformation so you can build it back up in a solid, innovative way.

•••• Your Own Way ••••

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My greatest asset to you as a guide resides in the truth of me being me

No certification can duplicate my unique frequency of genius. However, I deeply investigate all that pulls my focus & understand the intention to seek the support & advise of someone who strategically guides from a solid foundation. Therefore, I have shared my qualifications below.

The Human Design System

Licenses, Certifications & Qualifications

IHDS Certified Professional Analyst

IHDS Certified Family Practice Specialist

IHDS Certified Human Design Living Your Design Guide

BG5 Human Design Career & Business consultant

My experience includes over 5 years of continuous formal education integrated with research, investigation & self-study of advanced Human Design System knowledge.

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