Can You Really Live as Yourself?

“I teach enlightened selfishness.

Until you love yourself, don’t give yourself away to love.

See, can you go there?

Can you really live as yourself?

See, there is this assumption that if you are going to experiment with Human Design, that the life you have is suddenly going to be corrected. (mischievous laughter) The gods love a good joke, eh?

That whole life around you is a not-self construct.
Can you really live as yourself?”

“Because you see, that IS the point.

See that’s when this really becomes your way. And there’s so much that is possible because it’s just not about the surface of understanding this at this level.
The knowledge is very precise.

The correct dietary regiment, the environment. The tools for understanding how to deal with what is your perception. The way your system, your mind’s system is motivated. To understand these things, to have techniques to work with all these things are possible.

But you see, you have to deal with your mind, and you have to deal with the world around you. And you have to look at that and grasp that. See the one thing I don’t do is that I offer no promise in this. I’ve seen too much now.

You know I have seen what it is for really good human beings who want something different but can’t go there.

I’ve seen a lot of beings immersed in the depths of this knowledge. But not live it. 

Because to live it, you have to take that step. And that step begins with you. Not with anyone else.

It begins with whether you’re going to live your life as yourself or not and the consequences be damned.

And it doesn’t mean that suddenly your whole life falls apart, this or that and all that stuff, it doesn’t.

It means what is not correct will decay.

It’s just the way that it is.”

Ra Uru Hu 

Jan 8, 2011 – Ibiza -Ra’s Guide to the Movie – part 1 (An Introduction)

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