The Human Design System


Empowered Guidance & Support

Human Design Coaching

Human Design Mentoring, Guidance & Holistic Support

Focused guidance & support with Naraya who is extensively trained to teach you how to ignite your highest potential.

Flow towards catalytic release, shedding the conditioning of your past, reframe your awareness & allow your true frequency to saturate your cellular renewal.

These sessions support & cultivate your empowerment as you journey along in your own unique process towards alignment.

When recognized & invited Naraya transmits empowering skilled guidance flavored with tribal support.

Explore how you are designed to thrive in all areas of your life: personal or business

Are you looking to not only gain a deeper view of your potential in this life, but also how to navigate through the conditioning fields in your real life without feeling like you are taking 1 step forward & 2 steps back?

In this space you have the freedom to share, ask questions & receive guidance in a deeply personal way which supports the rapid & radical transformation that Human Design can bring forth.

Reframe Your Awareness & Thinking

Enhance the integration process of grounding your correct frequency into your body & your life

Enjoy my undivided focus as we explore whatever you bring to the table as I dive into and decode the matrix of YOU. 

In these sessions I clarify any confusion you may have within your personal Human Design Experiment.

Move through life’s uncertainty in a way that is authentic to you

We can delve deep into:

How you personally are designed to thrive.

Explore the details of your personal or business relationships.

Learning how to stay true to yourself and your design while interacting with others from a place of integrity.

Empowerment to successfully navigate through whatever life throws at you with confidence

This is a Good Fit for You if:

Also a Good Fit if:

Empower Your Direction & Thrive as Yourself

We are all on different paths. Choose the option that is correct for you.

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