Quarter of the Wheel: Mutation – Transformation

Collective Circuit: Sensing – Sharing New Experiences

Awareness Stream: Abstract Stream of Feeling 

Center: Root – Pressure for new Experiences

Polarity:  31 – Throat – I Lead, or Not

Harmonic: 30 – Solar Plexus – The Clinging Fire: The Gate of Recognition through Feelings

Other Keynotes: Dreams of Love – Gate of Fantasy

Astrological Position:   02° 00’ 00” – 07° 37’ 30” Aquarius


Gate 41 - Decrease

The Gate of Contraction

The limitation of resources that maximizes the development of potential.

This gate holds the capacity to see more and less. Recognizing that potential growth is limited when there is an overabundance of resources. Too much to choose from can hamper growth.

Through the Channel of Recognition it is connected to our Spirit Consciousness, to the way in which we deal with this fundamental fuel of human experience that is desire.

The 41 is all about new cycles of experience, new beginnings, but not as a process of maturation like in gate 53.

It’s pointing towards the gate of the Fates, something, of varying degree, always seeming to get in the way of you satisfying your desire. The degree of difficulty may very well be determined by your own awareness and the motive that is behind your action to fulfill that desire.

By attempting to “manifest this” or “manifest” that, the Not-Self seeks to get rid of desire. To resolve it through DOing.

As you tune in deeper and deeper to your True Self, gate 41 becomes a sensor for tuning into the very differentiated quality of your desire, of your relationship with desire.

Every correct experience carries with it a potential key to unlocking something novel in your own awareness of what it is to be human.

Gate 41 is a pressure which pressurizes the emotional system, feelings and desire when it meets the 30th gate. This recognition of the feelings is a process that is conditioned by the wave and we aren’t able to get the full range immediately.  It’s a process in which patience allows us the time to explore the depth and fullness of the feeling.

Gate 41 fuels the potential to recognize through feelings, a desire for a new experience. It is the fuel for the Experiential Way.

And can contain all the possible range of feelings. Yet focusing on all of them at once diminishes your potential. Focusing on one feeling allows you to move through it and gain the value that it holds for you. 

This ability to pressurize desire makes this gate so powerful. We just have to look at the description of 41.1 to see why. This is the foundational aspect of gate 41.

The appropriate delegation of responsibility, the imagination, to make the very best out of very little. The limitation of the resources that lead to maximization.

We get there by a pressurized desire to thrive by working within whatever limitations we are under. 

All human experience originates out of the 41. It is the limitation of resources which maximizes the development of potential. There is this limitation of resources, but in fact, rather than this being a problem for us, it actually adds to our development, and to our potential.

Not much is just handed to us. If we don’t get creative and use our imagination, then we will have difficulty in the journey through our human experiences. 

This does not mean that we each are here to do everything. This is also about recognizing that there are many experiences that are better to not actually partake in. Sometimes it could be correct for you to read, dream or watch a movie about them instead. 

The 41st gate carries enormous potential, and a pressurized hunger for any kind of experience.

The key to sense which feeling, which experience is for you to enter into, is following your Strategy & Authority.

~ Enjoy Your Movie ~


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