Holistic Wellness

Holistic Healing

Integrative Energetic Support & Bodywork

DNA Lock-NarayaFox

Support your body's cellular renewal

Self-Awareness • Energetic Support • Resiliency

Activate your body’s self-regenerative healing abilities & cultivate healthy coherence as you work towards releasing the conditioning of your past.

Bespoke support for your unique process, balancing the trinity of mind, body and spirit. guiding re-alignment to your own self-healing power. 

Holistic Healing work intertwined with Personal Authority & Energetic Support, catered to your genetically specific imprinted energetics.

A synergistic and non-invasive integration of all the resources and modalities that I have experience with, this way of working takes into account the trinity of mind, body and spirit.

These holistic wellness sessions are the most effective that I offer and they often serve to help you accelerate your own awareness, self-healing and embodiment of your true nature.

As part of this experience together we will discuss the many facets of your life and circumstances which contribute to the challenges you are facing, taking into consideration the season you are living in as well as your individualized & unique energetics, digging down to the foundation and rebuilding from a place of correctness and truth.

While this healing experience may include many modalities & techniques which I’ve mastered & synthesized together throughout the years, the foundational level has always been an intuitive form of Energy Medicine and Frequency Attunement that I began developing at 7/8 yrs. old and have experientially cultivated it throughout my life to the rich modality that it takes form as today.

My specific methods are unique to me as I have not yet mentored anyone in these techniques.

Clients report that they often get exactly the healing, alignment and awareness they need, even if they came in without a clear cause to their dis-ease.

Holistic Wellness, Healing & Support Services are available worldwide.

Live In-Person, online via Zoom, phone or custom recordings for you to follow along with and receive the healing benefits at your leisure.

Massage  & Bodywork modalities are only available in person, please contact me to discuss your options.

Each one of us has unique gifts that are genetically coded into our DNA.

Let’s journey inward, learn to build resiliency & explore what makes you thrive.

Support your body’s cellular renewal & self-healing abilities as you work towards releasing the conditioning of your past.

Would you like to join me?