Human Design Fixed Star Guide

This is a Human Design Fixed Star reference guide I made a while back that just wasn’t time to share until now.

There is both the image above and a free download that contains a reference guide including all the stars’ names and locations, in PDF form.

With my history as an astrologer, this massive endeavor has been one of the most enjoyable investigations that I’ve gotten into in a while, and it spanned almost a year.

This image is speaking to the locations of the 66 Sides that Ra reveals in his Rave Cosmology courses.

There are some inconstancies in the 66 sides information as Ra gave it to us. I added in more details about it on the free PDF that’s available to be downloaded below.

* 4 sets of stars that are in the same stellar position, yet listed by with different names which they are interchangeably known by. Each having their own number listed in the 66 Sides.

* 2 of the “66 Sides” are actually names of constellations and do not seem to fit into context. There are multiple stars in the same location with different names.

These are the star locations for 2000 and will need to be adjusted for Precession to match up where they were at when you were born. We use a rate of .838’ per year or 1 degree (60’) per 72 years.

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