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Living Your Design

Emerge as Yourself

Embark on a Transformational Journey of awakening as Yourself

9 online group classes guided by a projector frequency

(1.5 – 2 hours long, total of 13.5- 18 hours)

Live chart work using student’s charts
100’s of beautifully illustrated slides to support your learning
Live class recordings are added into our private Class Hub
No Prerequisites

Class will be scheduled when 4 seats are filled

weeks of assisted Human Design learning & support with an IHDS Certified Guide

the Human Design System

Human Design is the Science of Differentiation, revealing what it is that makes each of us distinct and unique against the backdrop of a completely homogenized world. 

Anyone with access to their birthdate, birth time and location can discover the contrasting, indispensable map of WHO THEY TRULY ARE and THE WAYS IN WHICH THEY ARE CONSISTENTLY CONDITIONED AWAY FROM THEIR TRUE NATURE. 

Human Design offers a SIMPLE, PRACTICAL strategy so that anyone can transform at the cellular level, releasing resistance created and amassed over a lifetime, leading to a much richer, fluid, more profound and fulfilling experience of life on all levels.

Know Yourself • Love Yourself • Emerge as Yourself

Know Yourself to Love Yourself

The Living Your Design (LYD) course is an opportunity to give up fantasies about how your life should be and instead live the life that’s truly yours.

It is a journey of self-discovery and awakening. When you begin to Live Your Design by experimenting with your Strategy and Authority, you will experience many transformations that will lead you to a place of ease and authenticity. 

Being authentic liberates you and your purpose in life naturally unfolds, awakening you to reach your highest individual potential.

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In this Living Your Design course, you will learn about the Human Design Bodygraph and how it represents the mechanics of your design. And how honoring the mechanics and following your own “Authority” enables you to actualize your strengths and personal genius.

Topics Covered:

Lessons follow the recommended material for the Living Your Design curriculum as set by the International Human Design School and Ra Uru Hu.

Completion of this course qualifies you to advance to the next foundation course if you have an interest in continuing your HD educational journey.

Want a Taste of What's in This Course?

Want a Taste of What's in this Course?

Living Your Design Curriculum

Week 1 – Intro & Basic Concepts

Week 2 – Authority & Intro to the 4 Types

Week 3 – Energy Types • Manifestors, Generators & Manifesting Generators

Week 4 – Non-Energy (Awareness) Types • Reflectors & Projectors

Week 5 – Definition & Not-Self Purpose

Week 6 – Pressure Centers • Head & Root Centers

Week 7 – Awareness Centers • Splenic, Ajna & Solar Plexus Centers

Week 8 – Motor Centers • Sacral, Root, Heart & Solar Plexus Centers

Week 9 – G Center & Throat 

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Class will be scheduled when 4 seats are filled

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