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Your Human Design Map Decoded

Human Design Analysis

The Magic of You

Focused discussion & support with Naraya who is extensively trained to teach you how to ignite your highest potential.

These sessions illuminate your uniqueness & offer empowerment as you journey along in your own personal process towards alignment.

Your energetic blueprint, translated through Human Design can help you discover a unique path of authenticity and become more aware of who you really are.

Are you fed up with trying to do things the way everyone else tells you to and instead want to learn a new way, your own way to cultivate awakening to your true self and success?

When you are new to Human Design, it’s overwhelming to wade through the massive amounts of information out there

I am trained to guide you through your own personal blueprint, revealing what makes you truly unique, giving you a profound look into how you are designed to thrive

Together lets dive in and decode how you are designed to make decisions you can trust

Learn How to resolve fears & cultivate authentic alignment with yourself

embody, integrate & ground your correct frequency into your body & your life

Are you looking to gain a deeper view of your way in this life?

Are you looking to not only gain a deeper view of your potential in this life, but also how to live with a greater sense of purpose & success without feeling like you are taking 1 step forward & 2 steps back?

In this space you have the freedom to share, ask questions & receive guidance in a deeply personal way which supports the rapid & radical transformation that Human Design can bring forth.

 Get the tips & tools to become self-aware with a solid human design foundation

Navigate And Flow Through Life With More Confidence

Begin Your Journey Today

We are all on different paths. Choose the option that is correct for you.

From the moment I was introduced to Human Design, it felt so overwhelming and intense but I KNEW it held deeper personal truths that were waiting to be uncovered. Naraya is the perfect guide for such a task!

She has a deep, almost encyclopedic understanding of the complex system that is Human Design. With her extensive knowledge and penetrating mind, she helped me grasp the intricacies of my design.
I felt seen. Understood. Most importantly she helped me have confidence in my strategy and authority.

It’s a journey, deconditioning but I’m moving more and more from frustration to satisfaction! Naraya is an amazing analyst (guide). I cannot recommend her work enough.
Sarah Steele
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