Human Design Map • Personalized Overview Video


Meet Your Design

Your Human Design Map is  concise 15-30 minute Overview Analysis of your chart in a personalized, prerecorded video.

Are you looking to gain a deeper view of your potential in this life? A Human Design Overview is where to start.

When you’re new to Human Design it can be overwhelming to decipher your own personal energetic blueprint, your BodyGraph.

I’ll be your HD translator and together we will explore your unique genius and the divine story of YOU.

This is an introduction to your Human Design Map covering Type, Strategy, Authority and anything else that my focus pulls me to.

Interested in how Human Design can help you discover a unique path of authenticity and become more aware of who you really are or  looking to gain a deeper view of your potential in this life?

When you are new to Human Design, it’s overwhelming to wade through the massive amounts of information out there.

Prepare for empowering skilled guidance and authentic alignment with yourself with the experienced advice and guidance of an IHDS Certified Human Design Analyst.

Someone to guide you into your own personal blueprint that reveals what makes you truly unique, giving you a profound look into your Design. You can learn how you can make decisions you trust to cultivate awakening to your true self.

This is the place to begin.

Naraya is a 1/3 Emotional Projector on the Cross of The Four Ways. A sensitive listener driven by a recognition of truth, she has the ability to guide you towards discovering your own unique direction in life. Her laser-sharp focus will help you step through the threshold, beyond the conditioning of your past, to embody your true nature as you learn to live authentically on a solid foundation you can trust.

This is your opportunity for a concise and impactful introduction on making accurate decisions, self-respect, and self-love in life. You’ll receive essential tips and tools to kickstart your Human Design Experiment, empowering you to navigate life with increased confidence and flow.

Your Human Design Map is an compact Overview Analysis of your chart in a prerecorded video format.

Your HD chart has my undivided focus as I dive into the matrix of your BodyGraph, sharing how you are personally designed to thrive in this world around you.

When you’re new to Human Design it can be overwhelming.

I translate and synthesize what I see, giving you practical advise to start your Human Design Experiment off on the right foot, with a solid foundation beneath you, to navigate and flow through life with more confidence.

This is not a live session it is a short 15-30 minute overview analysis video. 

When complete, I’ll deliver your personalized Human Design Map video to your email address.

Normal turn around is 5-7 days, but may be quicker or take up to 2 weeks depending on my workload.