Trusting Your Own Authority

When I first bumped into Human Design the thought that I wasn’t living out who I truly was, if I was constantly making spontaneous mental decisions, was ridiculous to me.

But then again, looking back on all the mistakes I had made along the way, my mind said, “What if there IS a better way for me?” 

My entire body relaxed the moment I first laid eyes on my Human Design BodyGraph chart.

I didn’t have a clue how to translate it, it didn’t matter, I recognized the truth the image held. It was mesmerizing and beautiful.

My entire body relaxed the moment I first laid eyes on my Human Design BodyGraph chart.

That first impulse to enter into my Human Design Experiment was absolutely a mental decision that I acted on within an hour of getting the invitation. In fact, it took me 8 months of letting my Solar Plexus’ emotional wave sort out if it was truly the path for me. 

During those long 8 months I waited for recognition & invitations. I waited for emotional clarity. 

And while I waited, I participated in a Projectors Only – Living Your Design Class that brought on heavy shattering of the illusions and conditioning I had built around me like armor. 

Without the support of my classmates and teacher, I imagine it would have been a very difficult and isolating journey for me.  Like sitting in a movie theater all alone while there was a terrifying psychological thriller on screen, playing in technicolor and surround sound. 

Now, years later, as I reflect back on how far I’ve come, I am eternally grateful to Ra Uru Hu, who brought this knowledge forward.

I leave you with his words on Inner Authority below. 

“To trust your inner authority is to leave behind the measuring mechanism of mind to enter into the realm of the absolute. 

When my Spleen rejects you there is no if, and, or but. It is an absolute, singular bang! 

That’s the body. The body does not mess around. It does not toy with this or that, only the mind does such things. 

And only in singularity only in your absolute authority do you get your line. ⁣

Do you get your life and the moment you enter into that you can stop being concerned about the hell your purpose is or anything else, because you wake up one morning and it will be there, all on its own. 

And you will be caught in it for the rest of your life. And you will get to see who you are. What the movie is for you. 

Because your movie is supposed to be different than my movie. Otherwise we can’t be entertaining to each other. 

We don’t want to keep telling each other the same bloody movie over again over and over again. Just like everyone on the planet having to watch the movie over and over and over again. Not very interesting. Not the kind of dialogue we would want with each other. ⁣

There is nothing but unique truth. It is a time for unique truth to really express itself. We all have this right. And we are all here potentially to be deeply important to the other. It is this outer authority the richness of mind when it is not bogged down with the mundane…and the pointless. It is time for us to experience clarity in the expression of the other’s movie what they see. ⁣

Where we can begin to layer together as the true nature of being, and the true nature of life on this plane. It is an extraordinary opportunity for all of us. It is the specialness of our time…⁣”

– Ra Uru Hu

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