Why Don’t I Celebrate the New Year on January 1st?

Happy Rave New Year 2023!

May this next solar cycle bring to you all the Success, Peace, Satisfaction and Surprise that you have been moving towards.

Why do I celebrate the New Year today instead of on January 1st?

Through the knowledge of the Human Design System I have an awareness of how the mechanics of our cosmos come into play in our lives. Along with this is a set of mechanics that indicates certain concepts about the world that we live in. One of these concepts that I recognize to be true is the sense to begin the New Year when the Sun enters hexagram 41.1.

For 2023, this day is today. I’ve come to this innerstanding after observing the mechanics of the system at work over the years and have chosen this for myself.

I have shared an explanation of the mechanics at play to help you deepen your own understanding of the concept.

“All the time I meet people who are caught up in past life stories, wanting to know what went on in past lives.

Let me put it to you this way: In terms of the way the totality operates, everything that takes place from sequence No. 1 to sequence No. 40 is foreplay.
That’s all it is. It isn’t the real thing. It’s all buildup material. It’s getting ready all the different things that are necessary in order to start the real process, and the real process begins always with the 41st step. This initiates all human experience. And everything up to that 41st step, all of the components building up to that, all of them have to be there in order for the process to really get going. I have a mystical saying that is “There was a beginning before the start, and the beginning before the start had a nature.” That’s the reality. And it is very important to understand that the real nature of humanity, the beginning was 40 steps, but the start, that is at the 41.
This is the only “start” codon. This starts everything, the whole movement of the vast diversity of what humanity could really do.

Remember something about the 41/30 as a channel. All of it is about initiating experience, starting the experiential way. But we saw that the 35, the 36 and the 30 all came first; no 41. And within the 41 lies all the possibilities of all the themes, not just what happens to be burning in the 30 at the time, but the potential for any kind of experience. Anything you can imagine is anything you can try doing. And, of course, up until that point we are not ready for that incredible explosion of diversity in the fantasy of humanity, because the 41st Gate is the gate of fantasy. Anything is possible.
This is our real beginning. Everything else is preparation. And the moment we step into the 41st sequence, we are really starting what the round is all about. We are starting the process of being able to actually go through it and complete that whole process. It’s like you get to this point and they give you a little badge and they say “Now you can start. You’ve done your warm-up exercises, now you can start.” So, this is the real start, this is the place where things begin to happen, and they begin to happen by not forgetting the past.”

~Ra Uru Hu

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