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Are you ready to explore your unique genius
& Experiment with Embodying Your True Nature?

Discover Your Keys to Success, Sovereignty & Liberation

Focused support with Naraya who is trained to lead you towards realignment to your highest potential.

Flow towards catalytic release, shedding the conditioning of your past and allowing new frequency to saturate cellular renewal.

These sessions support and cultivate empowerment as you journey along in your own unique process.

Naraya transmits deep focus with empowering skilled guidance flavored with tribal support.


Empowered Guidance

Human Design Holistic Mentoring

This offering is structured as an apprentice that allows you access to my entire investigative Projector skillset. My well is expansive and runs deep. 

Are you looking to not only gain a deeper view of your potential in this life, but also how to weed out conditioning in your real life?

Enjoy my undivided focus as I dive into the matrix of YOU. Empowering you to navigate and flow through whatever life throws at you with confidence.

Currently this offering includes personal access to me via messaging in between our biweekly sessions.

Please note that the more comfortable that you are with sharing details of your life, the more you will get out of this mentoring. 

Level: Open to Everyone

Duration: 5 Weeks – 2 Live sessions per week       Price:  1115 USD

Mountain gold

Intro to Human Design Overview

Are you looking to gain a deeper view of your potential in this life?

When you’re new to Human Design it can be overwhelming.

I’ll be your HD translator and together we will explore your unique genius and the divine story of you.

Enjoy my undivided focus as I dive into the matrix of your BodyGraph, learning all about you and how you personally are designed to thrive in this world around you.

Giving you the tips or tools to start your Human Design Experiment off on the right foot, with a solid foundation beneath you, to navigate and flow through life with more confidence. 

Level: Beginner / Foundation level

Duration: 60-90 minutes        Price: 160 USD

Human Design Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are available for anyone who has had at least an Overview of their Type, Strategy and Authority, either by me or another Human Design professional.

These sessions are designed to enhance the integration process of grounding the Human Design information into the body, into your life.

You have my undivided focus as we explore whatever you bring to the table. Together clarifying any confusion you may have with your personal experiment including Type, Strategy & Authority.

Human Design Coaching can help you move through on how to navigate through life’s uncertainty in a way that feels authentic to you. 

We can delve deep into how you personally are designed to thrive, or we can look at your personal relationships and how to stay true to you when interacting with others.

This is also a great option for deconditioning support, when you just need to talk to someone that “gets it”, as you are learning to integrate how you are designed to BE.

Level: Beginner through Advanced

Duration: 60 minutes        Price: 125 USD

Duration: 90 minutes        Price: 185 USD



Living Your Design Class

This Living Your Design course is an awakening experience, an opportunity to give up fantasies about how your life should be and instead live the life that’s truly yours.

The Living Your Design Workshop is the official Human Design foundational course, originally set forth by Ra Uru Hu, and continues to be a lifechanging experience for those who participate.

A journey of self-discovery and awakening.

When you begin to Live Your Design by experimenting with your Strategy and Authority, you may experience many realizations that lead to a place of ease and authenticity. Being authentic liberates you and your purpose in life naturally unfolds, awakening you to reach your highest individual potential. 

Living Your Design classes are available in LIVE Group, Private & Self-Study/Self-Paced format.  

Level: Beginner / Foundation level

Duration: 8 Weeks – 1.5 hour session/week      


About Your Guide

I’m Naraya, a 1/3 Triple Split, Quad Left, Emotional Projector.

A sensitive listener focused on recognition of the truth, I communicate inspirational knowing with unusual vitality, empowering those who invite me to guide them, towards their own unique direction in life.

With focused depth I guide others through the threshold, beyond their past, to embody their true nature & radically transform their lives.

We are in a shift of cosmic energies and are all moving into a revolutionary period of time where being our own authority and learning to make correct decisions for ourselves, will be our saving grace.

By embracing a radical approach to transformation, while also utilizing the mechanics of the Human Design System, we have the potential to expand our awareness and witness each day become more aligned… more magical.

Interested in Learning More?

Are you looking for the synthesis, depth & focused support of a 1/3 Triple Split, Quad Left, Emotional Projector?

Looking to collaborate, book a session, enroll in a class or just want some more information? 

I encourage you to reach out to connect.

Re-Align & Expand Your Awareness

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